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Q. How do I know if what I hear on the website will be the same quality I get on the day?

A. We can absolutely guarantee that the performance you get on the day will be of the same quality as these are live, unedited recordings, some recorded at weddings. Even if you didn’t get the featured musicians on the day, we don’t use anyone that isn’t a top professional string player.

Q. I can’t see the song we want on our list, can you play it for us?

A. We will certainly do our best to find the song for you. However, we do have to be honest and tell you when we don’t think it will work on strings. This is rare but we do sometimes get very strange requests! Also, if the song is very intricate and you are booking a duo, the effect may not be what you were hoping for.

Q. Does it cost me more to request a song you don’t have?

A. Normally not but if a special arrangement does have to be done it is around €50.

Q. How much does it cost to book the Kavanagh Ensemble?

A. This totally depends on Location and the Package you have chosen. Obviously the more musicians involved, the more expensive. We have musicians based in Wexford and Dublin so we are able to keep our costs down.

Q. How do I choose the size of ensemble?

A. We would suggest that you have a think about the size of your venue first. If you are getting married in a tiny chapel or a small reception room, a duo might be best suited. If you are getting married in a Cathedral, a Quartet would be for you! Other considerations would obviously be budget. The duo is definitely the best value for money but you should also put careful thought into the songs you would ideally like and see if it is on the music list for that grouping.

Q. What is the difference between Duo, Trio and Quartet?

A. Duo is 2 players, Trio is 3 and Quartet is 4. This means that the bigger the group, the fuller the sound. So if you want really rich full harmonies, you might consider the quartet. You can hear the difference if you listen to our recordings.

Q. How do I book you?

A. The first step is to email Beth through the contact page. Try to put as much detail as you can in such as the venue, church or civil etc. Beth will then send you a quote letter showing the prices of all the packages available. If you then want to proceed, you will be sent a contract which, once returned with the €50 booking fee, secures your date.

Q. What if something happens and I have to cancel?

A. You will have signed a contract which specifies cancellation procedure. If you cancel up to 3 weeks prior to the event, the full fee must be paid. Any time before that will incur a cost of 50% of the total fee.

Q. Do you play outside?

A. Yes we can but only if the weather is deemed fit by the musicians. If you know you would like us to play outside, ask your venue to provide a gazebo or some shelter. We have to be very careful with our instruments as they are mostly around 100-200 years old!